In the third workshop, surface area 360 square meters, painting and assembly operations are being performed.

Paintwork is carried out by immersing the pieces into liquid paint prepared beforehand in a basin, the pieces are then hung by a hook on a bar above a dripping tray and finally they are conveyed to be hung on a frame for drying. The minimum amount of time needed for drying out is 48 hours. 

Packaging is being executed by using pallets or in boxes loaded on pallets. Pallets, boxes, corrugated board or foil packages are used for packaging. Each parcel or package has a label containing the product code and the number of pieces inside.   

This area contains the type GA 45 PLUS compressor – manufactured in Belgium, 2007.

  • Maximum pressure – 7.3 bar
  • Qv – 142 l/s (8.56 mc/min)
  • Engine output – 45 kW
  • Engine number of revolutions – 2,965 rpm
  • Weight – 1,150 kg.